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The proper use of respirators helps to preserve the health and safety of our healthcare employees where airborne threats such as SARS, H1N1 or Tuberculosis exist in the work environment.  Respirators come in all shapes, sizes and forms which are based on your specific work environment and risk profiles.  Synergy provides expert qualitative respirator fit testing to over 15 000 participants a year in Ontario for Disposable (N95) and Reusable (half-face) respirators.  Respirator fit testing is required by law in all provinces of Canada, and the requirements range from yearly to every 2 years.  In Ontario for healthcare workers, N95 Respirator Mask Fit Testing is required every 2 years by Ontario's Occupational Health and Safety Act for employees in health care occupations.  For construction and manufacturing workers, your employer determines how often you will require fit testing, generally every year.  Of course there are organizational health and safety policies that require half face or N95 Mask Fit Testing to be conducted on an annual basis, typically because of re-education and due to body changes. For healthcare workers, mask fit testing in Toronto provides assurance that employees are protected against the transmission of airborne infectious agents. Learning to achieve a proper facial seal is important, so often times, training is accompanied with the use or introduction of N95 respirators. Medical screening is done in preparation for the mask fit testing to identify anyone that may be unable to wear the respirator for health reasons.  In the event that you cannot wear the N95 respirator or fail to achieve a proper seal with any of the available respirators, your employers or schools Occupational Health and Safety department will assess your needs in effort to find protective gear that will fit and keep you safe. If you are preparing for your N95 respirator mask fit testing, you may have a few questions. Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about N95 Respirators and mask fit testing.

Can I be fit tested if I have a beard?

Unfortunately, a beard will interfere with your ability to get a good seal. Therefore, staff must be clean-shaven where the respiratory seal needs to fit the face. Subsequently, if a person is required to wear an N95 respirator during the course of his duties, he must continue to be clean shaved any time a respirator has to be worn.

How do I know if I am getting a good seal?

As previously mentioned, it is important for men to sport a clean shave in order to achieve a good seal. Upon being fitted for a mask, you should only wear the mask that you have been fitted for. When donning the respirator, there are several steps to ensure that a proper facial seal is created: properly securing the nose piece, a negative and positive pressure check.  A negative pressure check is an inhalation check, ensuring that you will be able to breathe in air and the positive pressure check is an exhalation check.

Are there any stipulations prior to being fit tested for the mask?

It is recommended that you refrain from chewing gum, smoking, eating, or drinking beverages other than water 15-30 minutes prior to the test, as these may interfere with your results. It is important that you follow these recommended instructions as this mask will be protecting you at work for up to two years.
When it comes to N95 mask fit testing in Toronto, Synergy Employment Services provides the best value and utility amongst its competitors. It has the first online registration tool in the industry, making it easy for healthcare professionals to schedule a mask fitting. In addition, they are almost 50% cheaper than the leading competition, providing more bang for your buck, which can be especially helpful for large groups or budgetary constraints. Their programs are extremely efficient and have widespread acceptance across Ontario, as they are conducted according to national standards set forth by the CSA Z94. 4-11 standards.

Why is Synergy your best choice for mask fit testing in Ontario?

Synergy Employment is a leader in respirator fit testing in Ontario and conduct over 15 000 Mask Fit Tests a year alone.  We have a very large school training program and provide mask fit testing to universities and colleges directly on campus.  Our clients include York University, McMaster University, UOIT, University of Toronto and Georgian College to name a few.  We offer the best in class availability for mask fit testing and offer an easy to use online scheduling tool.  By making your reservation online you will be invited to be trained by our experienced instructors and receive a laminated wallet certificate valid for 2 years.  Rest assured your records are kept on file with Synergy for 10 years according to CSA Standards and we can produce your card in case you lose it.  Go ahead, visit us online and book your N95 Mask Fit Testing appointment today!

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